What is Best Friend Training?

Best Friend Training, a division of Best Friend Solutions LLC, is a family operated dog obedience school. This family business is owned and operated by Scott and Holly Nelson and has been serving Eureka, California and the surrounding communities since 1999.

What does Best Friend Training do?

Best Friend Training is a unique business that does more than just train dogs. We educate pet owners, teaching them pack sociology, canine/human communication skills, and how to live with a dog as part of their family. We do this by not only training the dogs but also mentoring dog owners and their families, helping them integrate their dogs into their daily lives and walking them through some of the daily challenges that will occur when they choose to live with a dog. We help people select the most beneficial dog food designed for their dogs. We assist in finding reputable business that sell reliable, but inexpensive training equipment. We also help with daily essentials like selecting the best flea treatments and helping with basic grooming needs. Additionally we advise clients on how to choose skilled veterinarians, experienced doggie day cares and dependable boarding kennels. Not only do we work with dog owners and their families, but we also extend our knowledge to people who are looking to adopt or buy a canine companion. We help them select a dog that is well matched for their family, regardless if it is a pure breed dog, or a pound puppy. What’s more we also give advice to the potential dog owner’s on how to find reliable breeders, and rescue groups.

Our business goes the extra mile to make sure each dog owner that we mentor has the knowledge and confidence necessary to be a trustworthy Alpha-leader for their dog. Furthermore, we make sure that each dog that we train has a secure and well-adjusted life in his or her human pack

What does Best Friend Training offer?

Best Friend Training’s dog obedience school offers many different kinds of training and several different methods on how to train. We offer group classes, private training where we show you how to train your own dog, private training where we train your dog for you in your home and private training where we take the dog out of your home and bring him into ours to train him for you. We also have available various training books and videos, we offer our online dog training course and we offer telephone and teleconferencing for long distance mentoring. We teach basic obedience, advanced obedience and problem solving services in order to help a pet owner integrate their dog into their daily lives. We also prepare dogs to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. For those who want more than just a canine companion, we also train working dogs for many specific jobs. We assist in the areas of Field Training, Area Guard Training, and Stock Dog Training. For those that enjoy the sport of dog competition, we also offer training and assistance with show dog handling and training for Obedience trials, Rally trails, and for the Conformation ring. For those who need physical or mental assistance we train place and integrate service dogs into their homes. We work with, wheel chair assistant dogs,  dogs for autism,  dogs for the deaf, siege dogs,  dogs for PTSD, and other types of service dogs. We also train therapy dogs for people who have the desire for their dogs to be in programs to help others. 

Holly’s Professional Development:

During her study of phycology at Kent state university in 1978, Holly found the study of animal behavior fascinating and wanted a career working with animals. In the early 1980’s she moved to California and started training dogs under the mentorship of a professional dog breeder in Santa Cruz. A few years later she relocated to Connecticut and had the privilege to study under the leadership of a professional dog trainer and show handler. When this mentorship ended she branched out to south Texas where she put her animal behavior knowledge to work. In Texas she volunteered at the local Humane Society.   Consequently, during this time, the Humane Society began conducting a study on feral dog packs in the area, Holly was given the assignment to monitor the local feral packs and record their whereabouts. This gave her the rare opportunity to study canine behavior first hand and she took this occasion to watch, record, and study canine behavioral interaction in these packs. When her assignment ended she incorporated the knowledge she acquired on canine pack interaction with the experience she gained under her mentors. She started training dogs on her own, opening her first training business in the mid-1980s, where she researched and trained dogs until she met Scott, fell in love, and married. After she married and partnered in the dog training business with Scott, she continued to increase her dog training knowledge and developed mentoring skills which she has used to help many distraught and confused dog owners.

Scott’s Professional Development:

Scott is the son of both a Teacher and an Accountant and has inherited from his parents a passion to work as an Educator and in a field that will use both his Mathematical and Technical abilities. During the early 1980’s his passion for things technical led him to study electronics. After completing two years of schooling, he left collage and served in the US Navy for six years as an electronics technician. It was during his time in the Navy that he discovered his passion for Teaching. After completing his term of naval service, he fell in love, married Holly and returned to college to study to be a math teacher. Upon completion of his education he worked in private school teaching high school mathematics while simultaneously apprenticing under Holly in order to learn the art of Dog Training. In 1999, Scott and Holly founded Best Friend Training Dog Obedience School. The school focused Scott’s passion and knowledge as an educator and made a way for him to teach pack sociology, cross species communication and basic dog training skills so that pet owners could understand their dogs, learn how to communicate with and how to train them successfully. His mathematical knowledge is put to good use on running the business side of the school and his technical abilities has allowed him to expand the school online.