• This Free membership package will allow you access to a Self-Guided Basic Behavioral Questionnaire and a Behavioral Evaluation which you can use to determine the areas where your dog could benefit from some basic behavioral training.
  • At this membership level you will be able to access a brief overview of dog pack social structure, you will be given an explanation of the various stages of growth that your puppy will go through, and you will be provided with a thorough explanation of canine social order and how this social order directly relates to you dogs behavior within your home.
  • Drawing from your answers to questionnaire and from detailed explanations about the reasons behind your dog’s various inappropriate behaviors; you will be guided through a Behavioral Evaluation which will determine your dog’s basic beliefs concerning his place in the social order of your family.
  • Included in this package is a brief overview of the three predominate misunderstandings that your dog may have concerning his social order in your
    family and the consequences these misunderstandings will have in your normal
    daily life with dog.
  • Lastly you will be given an overview of the suggested Basic Obedience Training, Basic Manners Training and Household rules that you can use to bring peace into your household.