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Stages of Growth: Question 10
What occurs during the puppies "Fear Period"?
Your puppy will look to you for protection, will become a lot more aware and curious about the environment around him, but will easily become fearful of strange and new things. When encountering a new thing, he will look to you to define for him whether it is safe or unsafe.
Your puppy will learn canine-to-human social skills from observing his mother's interaction with people, to recognize that people are a part of his family, to accept them as pack mates and to realize that people have a place in the social order of his family.
The puppy will be separated from their mother and then bond to the new owner, expand his social skills, try to find his place in the social order and will learn to differentiate between safe and dangerous situations and things.
Your puppy's focus will be on eating, keeping warm, sleeping so that he can grow and physical develop and he will stay close to his mother, drawing comfort and security from her.
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